4851 - Hold me

[fanfic] White Ash

This was written in response to KHR 198. Despite what's written here, I really, truly do worry about Spanner. I dearly hope Amano doesn't kill him off, and clinging on to the hope that she hasn't killed anyone directly on the page yet, so hopefully... Hopefully Spanner will be alright. I love him too much...

Title: White Ash
Pairing: Spanner/Shouichi
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Angst, Character death.

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4851 - Kiss Me


This is a historic moment, everyone. I've succeeded in drawing a kissing scene!!! This is the first time EVER that I've drawn people kissing that looked right, instead of looking like their heads are mushed together. This calls for celebration!

Click on thumbnail for full-sized pic~

I dunno why Spanner is so skinny. His clothes should be baggier, but oh well.

questofdreams owes me the colored version of this~ ♥
4851 - kiss

Happy Birthday Mukuro! <3

I know, I know, it's a day early, but the guy can have his present early too! It doesn't matter much.

Click on the preview for full-sized picture!

DISCLAIMER: questofdreams and I have similar artworks, but we did not correlate with each other, nor did we steal each other's ideas. This is purely coincidental T___T
4851 - kiss

Oh... God. What Have I Done?

I blame it all on the plot bunny insistently jumping around my head and not allowing me to sleep in peace unless this thing was written out.

So, have some 4851 at 2:30 in the morning.

Title: Nightmare
Pairing: 4851 - tiny bit of 10051 in the end
Rating: NC-17
Warning: yaoi/sex
Summary: Dreams and Reality are equally cruel.

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